Comments from the September 21st Meeting

At the September 21st meeting, after the Apex presentation, the meeting turned to comments and questions from the audience. We captured these a brief synopsis of each comment on large easel pads of paper at the front of the room, which are  categorized and listed below.

Lamp House

  1. Disrespecting Lamp House view from pedestrian level –Lamp House needs to be mid-block
  2. Lamp House designed to be in the middle of the block.
  3. Lamp House a visitor center? / (House Museum) / (Guest House)
  4. Site of Lamp House important – Privacy & light / Integrity – views are important
  5. Lamp House: would you restore the house or leave it as is?
  6. Lamp House as nationally important destination / vision .

Scale / Massing / Siting

  1. 2nd idea of large building being too large
  2. Towers in other cities are wind tunnels / need more forward-looking design
  3. Scale: Why not scale down? Why so many apartments in the area. Much retail has failed.
  4. Step down to E Mifflin from E. Washington .
  5. Explored central, taller tower on the ramp
  6. Parking ramp is hideous. May block some views but capital pt did too.


  1. Do both projects? Apex owns the land
  2. Look at houses marked for demo/relocation
  3. Do we need more housing downtown
  4. Why not rehab houses?

Historic preservation

  1. Preserve old houses around Lamp House
  2. Restore historic houses.
  3. maintain historic houses

Property Values

  1. Property values of neighbors in Capitol Point – Lake view eliminated in option 4 – it is a leviathan.

Apex Ownership

  1. Does Apex own the whole block?
  2. How long has Apex owned the Mifflin Street houses?   (8 – 10 years) / (Kehl connection)

The Neighborhood context –

  1. Historic neighborhood –
  2. I value neighborhood


  1. Rentals vs owner occupied units
  2. Occupants? Lots of empty housing downtown


  1. Light-weight construction and means poor sound proofing – low quality units
  2. Q: Option 1, 2, 3, 4 only


  1. Parking need? Two cars per unit
  2. Parking spaces for rentals?

Other Apex Properties

  1. Do you own 314 E. Mifflin? Drunk construction workers.
  2. Are you in negotiation with other owners? Whole block play?


  1. Vision, be open-mionded
  2. Pipe dream: Walkway over Webster, park on top of parking ramp – engage children in the neighborhood.


  1. Bus route, especially when on outer ring. Have you talked to T.E. ?

TIF funding

  1. Are you looking for TIF funding?


  1. People without computers?

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