First Post!

This blog will be updated over the next few months with information on any development proposals that come forward for the 200 block of East Mifflin. We’ll be covering information from the developers, neighborhood meetings, and formal city approval meetings.

First, just where are we talking about? See below:

Apex is presenting two concepts at the public meeting on September 21st. It’s important to remember that these are both very early concepts, and Apex is not proposing these as final designs. Both of these were taken from a flyer that went out to neighbors in the James Madison Park neighborhood. Apex will have much bigger versions at the public meeting on Monday night.

The first, which is the large blue rectangle, would build on top of the McCormick parking ramp, along Webster, Mifflin, and Butler street. This is a proposed concept (the view is looking North-West, the building in the background is the Capitol Point condo building: )

200 E Mifflin: McCormick Ramp Concept

The second option, which is the red rectangle, would build a new development along Mifflin St, across the street from the parking ramp. In the middle of that block is the Robert M. Lamp House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Here’s a  proposed rendering, standing on the top of the parking ramp and looking south. The house visible behind/through the building is the Lamp House:

200 E Mifflin - Lamp House side


3 Responses to First Post!

  1. Stu Levitan says:

    Thanks for posting this.
    People have been talking about building atop the ramp for more than 20 years. Glad to see an actual initiative.

    As for the other item, I think its potential impact on the Lamp House could be of interest to the Landmarks Commission.

    And how do these projects affect the Monona Terrace Hotel concept? Can Apex actually do all three?

    This blog should be very useful. Thanks again.

  2. Jerry says:

    Finally, someone is tackling this much neglected block. I am impressed by the rendering of both buildings. I am not big on the idea of the parking lot addition, because a parking lot should remain a parking lot. I think a shorter building might work on top of the parking lot.

    Lamp House has been neglected by everyone except the owners and its neighbors as far as I am concerned. The first time I read about the Lamp House was 12 years ago in the New York Times. I really like the idea of Lamp House direct access to Mifflin Street.

    The building(s) as proposed seems to match the height of Capitol Point and the tall building on Butler Street. The massing and density is in proportion to other structures on Mifflin Street. If you walk from Wisconsin Avenue east on Mifflin Street towards Webster and Butler, it becomes clear why this project may be a good fit for this block. If I recall correctly, this entire block is zoned commercial and is part of the downtown redevelopment plan.

    Also I like the idea of a local company developing here; sometime ago someone from Minneapolis was supposed to develop this block.

  3. Jay says:

    [Note: This comment was edited before it was approved. If you want to attack people, get your own blog]

    [Personal attack deleted]

    Frankly, if you want to prevent this development allow me to lease the space in any of these homes and set up a bar and restaurant or a grocery store or a specialty retail store. This entire block is zoned commercial C2 which the [edited] Apex and the city never highlighted. They just want to turn this into a residential district to perpetuity which should be opposed.

    [Personal attack deleted]

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