The September Public Meeting, Part 1

September 23, 2009

This post will cover the first part of the public meeting of September 21st, 2009. In another post, which we’ll get up in a day or two, we’ll recap the comments and questions from the audience.

At the September 21st public meeting, after quick introductions from Alder Maniaci and the steering committee, Apex presented their concepts for the 200 block of East Mifflin.

The first presenter was Steve Yoder, president of Apex. His presentation, available here in PDF format focused on Apex the company, some of their other properties, their motivation for the project, and an introduction to four concepts: three on the south side of the 200 block of E Mifflin, where existing two and three stories homes are located, and one on the north side of E Mifflin, on top of the McCormick parking lot.

The second presentation was from Matt Tills and Bob Feller from Iconica, focused more on the four designs.¬†Their presentation is also available here in PDF format. I’ve pulled out the massing designs of the the concepts, because I think those are the easiest versions to get oriented and get a sense of the building concept. The full presentation includes some styled renderings, as well as top-down views of the building footprints, so please check that out, too.

The first option is the “Two Towers” option:


The second option is the “Connected Towers”:


Option three is the Elongated single building:


Finally, option four is on top of the parking ramp:


Using SketchUp, Apex attempted to show how the parking ramp concept aligned with the Capitol Point condo tower. It didn’t quite work, so Apex sent this rendering to the steering committee two days later. They did not present this on the 21st (so don’t think you’ve gone crazy and missed it at the presentation).



First Post!

September 21, 2009

This blog will be updated over the next few months with information on any development proposals that come forward for the 200 block of East Mifflin. We’ll be covering information from the developers, neighborhood meetings, and formal city approval meetings.

First, just where are we talking about? See below:

Apex is presenting two concepts at the public meeting on September 21st. It’s important to remember that these are both very early concepts, and Apex is not proposing these as final designs. Both of these were taken from a flyer that went out to neighbors in the James Madison Park neighborhood. Apex will have much bigger versions at the public meeting on Monday night.

The first, which is the large blue rectangle, would build on top of the McCormick parking ramp, along Webster, Mifflin, and Butler street. This is a proposed concept (the view is looking North-West, the building in the background is the Capitol Point condo building: )

200 E Mifflin: McCormick Ramp Concept

The second option, which is the red rectangle, would build a new development along Mifflin St, across the street from the parking ramp. In the middle of that block is the Robert M. Lamp House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Here’s a ¬†proposed rendering, standing on the top of the parking ramp and looking south. The house visible behind/through the building is the Lamp House:

200 E Mifflin - Lamp House side